Just wondering if any of you guys have gotten to check out a snazzy little game called Nothing to Hide by Nick Liow. If not, here's your chance!

Nothing to Hide is a puzzle game that bills itself as "anti-stealth." Instead of hiding in the shadows, you are forced to stay in view of the cameras and the watchdogs. It plays against many established rules but it is still intuitive. It also gets tricky very quickly. In this world, Big Brother exists, and the protagonist Poppy Gardner is the unfortunate daughter of its mastermind. Her life is incredibly public but not by choice. What apparently follows is Poppy's cautious struggle against her constantly monitored life where every detail has been updated, noted, and blogged. If you can't already tell, there is quite a bit of commentary about surveillance, but also modern-day oversharing and voyeurism.


What struck me the most is the presentation. The available demo is programmed in HTML5, and I'm assuming the entire site is as well. This allows for an interesting cohesive presentation with a unique approach to parallax scrolling. If you're familiar with social media outlets at all, you'll quickly see the influence.

Nothing to Hide is in the middle of the fundraising process, but without the use of Kickstarter and the like. Liow is aiming for a goal of $40,000 and there's a little less than a month to go. It's also open source and officially public domain, if you want to tinker around with it yourself. It makes for a neat package altogether.